About Us

Welcome to Grenoside Parent - Teachers Association (Grenoside PTA),

the fundraising PTA for Grenoside Community Primary School, Sheffield.


What is a PTA?


Grenoside PTA is a registered charity and works solely to raise funds for

Grenoside Community Primary School, Sheffield, primarily by staging fundraising

events, which are used to purchase additional resources which are not available

within the standard school budget.


But remember our PTA is much more than simply fundraising.


We exist to provide closer links between home and school and its an excellent way to bring staff, parents, guardians and friends together socially in support of the school. Importantly, the activities help to bring parents together and promote good communication between parents and staff while working towards a common goal.


Grenoside PTA is run on a voluntary basis by parents/guardians/carers of children in the school and by school staff. If you have a child in the school you become a members and any member can become a committee member.


We work to a constitution which is agreed by the committee. A constitution is a document that sets out why we exist, our goals and aims and how its is managed.



The cinema night was brilliant, both my children really enjoyed it immensely.

Thanks for the hard work fundraising and providing events for the kids.