Events & fundraising opportunities

Last year was an effective washout for fundraising and running events, but as the rules become mpore relaxed we hope things will get better. This new school term sees the following events hopefully back and organised by Grenoside PTA.

Many others are in the process of being agreed and details will follow. 

Cinema Night

The hugely popular 'Cinema night is run at Grenoside. A special event for the whole school, bringing the cinema experience to the school. The screenings took place between 3.30pm to 5.30pm, straight after the school day.  Entertaining evenings were had by all the children and adults. Thank you to everyone who attended and see you all at the next showings. If you can spare a couple of hours to help run the events next year then it would be appreciated

School Disco

It is a chance for all the children and the staff to let their hair down, dance and have fun after their hard work over the year. We split these into two events, the first EYFS and KS1 disco which takes place in school from 1.30pm-3.00pm with a DJ to play the latest music. The kids get a drink and a bun which is donated by parents. KS2 disco takes place from 4.15/4.30pm-6.00pm and the children have the opportunity to by hot food, and snacks. 

Thanks for everyone who have previously helped, donated or took part and as always please let us know if you can help at the next event. We always need helpers for this event so if you have a couple of hours free 1pm-3.15pm and 4.30pm-7pm your help would be appreciated.

Summer Fair 

We have ran two Summer Fairs to date and they have been great success. There are plenty of stalls, games and events to take part in and the children were very excited. A big thanks as always to all the stall holders, volunteers, staff and children who helped with setting up and running these event. There was entertainment from dancers, school bands, police dogs. Food is on sale and 

Hopefully next event in 2021  will be bigger and we need more stalls. If you have any ideas/skills/stalls we could utilise for next years event please let us know.

Christmas Fair 

The Christmas fair returned to Grenoside and what great fun it was. The children loved the games and the events, many leaving with handfuls of prizes. The most popular event was the 'adopt a teddy' stall. One minute it was full, next minute they had all been adopted. We will need twice as many next time. There were games, face painting and live music. A big thank you to all the children, staff and helpers again and this year's event was bigger and better.


All year round

Just to say a big thank you for your support through the year, we will continue to provide refreshments at many other non-fundraising events, such as Reception parents welcome mornings, Parents evenings, School shows (Nativity/Easter etc) Y5/6 presetation/play, and Special assemblies (Harvest) as well as Sports Day and others that pop up. 

Parents events

We don't want the kids to have all the fun.. we will be looking at arranging some events for parents, grandparents etc to say thanks and to let down our hair.

We are looking at Quiz nights and curry nights, fashion show, pamper evening. 

Watch this space for updates