How has your donations helped..





  • Provided an outdoor classroom for use by all pupils of the school

  • Annually fund the Christmas pantomime attended by all pupils

  • Contribute annually £20/pupil to the Kingswood residential

  • Provided an iPad for each year group

  • Fund the Florence Nightingale experience for year 1 pupils

  • Provide the Year 6 leavers disco

  • Provided the Maths Quantum theatre for the whole school

  • Took all pupils to the Christmas ice show

  • Provided the Magic Time Maths Magician for the whole school

  • Funded the infants Christmas party

  • Bought music stands for the orchestra

  • Bought specialist books and cameras

  • Provided dressing up clothes, sports equipment, playground resources and material to enhance maths and science lessons………………


  • Cross Country Banner

  • Ofsted 'Good' Banner

  • Toddlers library

  • Trip to Pantomime at Lyceum Theatre

  • Santa's Grotto

  • Year 6 leavers party                         

  • Kingswood (50 @£20 each)  

  • Quantum Theatre show 

  • Role Play Equipment                    

  • 15 Geography Compasses             

  • Florence Nightingale/soldier            outfits                                        

  • Camp beds for role plays               

  • Animal Handling workshop            

  • 32 books for reading challenge              prizes                                        

  • Project X books                           

  • Playground signs                         

  • Aspiration from learning               

  • Role Play                                      

  • Discovery Kitchen                     

  • Toddler library                             

  • Infant Christmas party             

  • Boudicca visit                             



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