So who makes up the committee..


Our committee is made up of a team of volunteers who are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Its role is to manage the association on behalf of the members. There are two types of committee member, Officer and Ordinary (or Other) member. 


Officers have specific roles such as Chair, Communications officer, Treasurer and Secretary.


















Ordinary Committee Members play a vital role working

alongside and supporting the Officers. All committee

members have equal voting rights, with the exception

of the Chair, who has an additional casting vote,

should this be needed. 


Our current committee members are

Kate Allen and Helen Hale,  with Mrs Fox (Y2)

the school representative


WE ALWAYS NEED MORE .If you are interested in joining the committee then please contact us.

Chair - Lindsey Beever

Provides leadership for the committee,

sets agendas for meetings and manages meetings in line with the agenda. 


Communications Officer - Julia Winder

Communicates information relating to the charity, through channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email and notice boards.

Treasurer - VACANT

Responsible for the day to day admin of financial records and procedures as well as banking and handling of money at PTA events. 

Secretary - Joanne Wright

Resposible for ensuring that there

are effective communication links

between the committee members and 

between the PTA and the school.